10 Explanation Why NOT to proceed to Aussie-land

10 Explanation Why NOT to proceed to Aussie-land

5- Location

It isn’t just Aussie-land happens to be quite a distance outside of countless different countries, but actually getting about within Queensland is difficult since there are a?not adequate filling stations either.a?

6- Medical

Our overall health proper care strategy is amusing and oral overhead nuts. Waiting periods are way too extended; anticipate to wait all night at ER. And, as stated in Fred, a?Some little services stores have reached par with promoting places.a?

7- Means

Terrible, terrible, poor paths! Roundabouts wherever, actually in the roads. Make sure that you go visit their internet site if perhaps to discover more about the dreadful roads. While he claims a?I have come across best roadways in many spots except Srilanka!a?

8- Degree

Universities happen to be public and everybody studies free of charge, apparently. Though the not so good is because they are not as well as, as stated in Fred, you are likely to generally be raped overnight. Which leads me to my personal much-loved quotation with this one. a?Of study course there is certainly correction or regulation.a?

9- Houses

Terrible, bad, poor casing! Houses are actually previous and severely maintained because people desire to invest their funds on drink instead. But that’s certainly not the authentic issue with residences. No. There can be a government conspiracy. As stated by Fred a?Actually the federal government forbids brand new structures so that you can keep your price tag highest, however premium drops!a?

There’s a lot additional information on Fredas website towards housing, so I learn You will find previously said make sure you pay a visit to his or her page if only to discover more about the terrible roadways. However now extremely thought, perhaps you should only go visit his own web site to learn about the terrible casing.

Hey! You will want to browse his or her website to be familiar with both?

10- Criminal Activity

In Australia, young adults strike previous group constantly. It is a danger commit on overnight. These youngsters receive money straight from the us government. Assuming you think the thing that seems horrifying sufficient, as Fred claims, a?There isn’t criminal arrest, no law enforcement, anything!a?

So there you have got they. 10 explanation why never to go on to Australian Continent reported on Fred. We donat accept any one of they. Having said that, I presume Fredas website will be as comical as any Iave seen. So I treasure him for producing myself chuckle.

But this is certainly merely a very short a review of his 10 factors; Fred places they really a lot better than i really do. I recommend your put to his or her page and capture one or two minutes to read and absorb every thing.

Fred furthermore provides an extra 11th need that I wonat outline here. Consider go to pay a visit to NotAustralia ?

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No reason in clicking that website link nowadays, Freds websites ended up being taken down through features. datingmentor.org/lds-dating/ Latest experience I Could to click on through, We saw this messagea

a?Weare regretful, our site try suspended. In case you are the web page proprietor, be sure to communications our abuse teams about the status of one’s page.a?

Tends most of us werenat choosing kinds just who located Freds feedback offensive

Hereas his or her movie:

Revision 2: Fred taken away his videos from Myspace and defined precisely why in a discuss this extremely webpage. You will notice that thoughts a place below, a lengthy good way below, underneath the rest of the tasty opinions. Try to find one by Fred at some point in June 2014.

Currently, for those of you which canat sleep each night worrying just what that 11th added bonus reasons ended up being, Iam likely to reprint they below.

Within The these days taken down Not Just Melbourne web site, this sums all of it awake reallya

11- Bonus factor!

Almost all of Queensland is definitely dry out where are a lot of shrub fires and quarters fires. An additional factor might unusually high-intensity of sunshine light turning it into this issues a whole lot larger. Sandstorms are derived from the wasteland besides.


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Don’t hesitate to add some their perspectives and commentary below, but do be aware that bad tongue and swearing is certainly not enabled for this web site. I thanks upfront for ones co-operation.


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